“Switzerland is not a small country
It`s the heart of Europe”

We are  searching for:

Java Developers
Service Delivery Managers
Project leaders
IT Managers
SCOM specialists
System and Network Specialists
BI Specialists
.net Developers
PHP Developers
Mobile Developers
UX Designers
UI Designers
Problem Managers
Change Managers
Technical Application Managers
Functional Application Managers
Citrix specialists
Sharepoint specialists
SCCM specialists

Your career

We offer you the opportunity to get started with innovative organizations in the Netherlands like ASML, DAF en Philips.



University degree of the country in question.

The quality of the university will be tested by us.

To set up a life course and CV.

Those can be mailed to info@europework.de


The future image will be about some time that the general workers can carry out their business activities from their own country. Due to the technology, it is nog longer necessary to travel in order to carry out work. These activities can also be carried out from any location.

For who

Europework IT focuses on organizations that (temporarily) need extra capacity in the field of IT professionals.

The core values: quality, flexibility, speed and clear communication provide a clear approach with optimal results.

The wishes of the organization and professional are central to us. The aim is to bring these two together as a starting point `the right ICT professional in the right place`.

We are specialized in the mediation of highly educated IT professionals. The IT professionals have a diverse background and are specialized in software engineering, network management, application management. But also for information analysts, project leaders and IT managers you can contact us.

International Network

Our international network and our extensive market knowledge we share with our customers.

Swiss based

We are an Swiss-based organization who has been specializing in the placement of university-educated professionals in Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands for 10 years now.

Core values

We think it`s important to do our job well. In all our relationships it is about trust, quality and professionalism.




Mail us at: info@europework.eu


Call us at: +41 – 79 – 9148890


Send us a message on Whatsapp: +41 – 79 – 9148890


Call us on Skype: pieter091557, our Skype phone is always open for questions!

Contact address

P.G. Verweij, Medizinische Personaldienste AKG
Kreuzrain 1
6313 Edlibach Zug